188 Crabapples for 2440 Mass Ave.

I admit it: Critical Fluff, Version Blogger, I sort of miss you a little. It's true. So maybe I will post here now and again and also keep up my Tumblr, which I am keeping pretty much low profile, for no other reason than it is unequivocally uninteresting to anyone but myself. It's pretty much a personal delicious feed with tiny-tiny-blog legs.

Anyway. I will be back here now sometimes. Hi.

So, last Sunday Jason and I went to check out the brand new Cambridge Point Condos. The units were gorgeous, and we unwittingly spent over 2 hours wandering around every single unit. multiple times.

Our condo tour ended with a incredible mutual suicide, very much like Romeo & Juliet, except in this case we drank 18 liters of Liquid Nails, carved "I'll never-ever-ever have enough for a down payment" into our forearms with a rusty jacknife, and threw ourselves down (beautiful) spiral staircases (next to lovely fireplaces) with acute cases of condo envy.

But tomorrow is the 4th of July. And there will be grilling and golf.

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