I'm Back. I Missed Pineapples.

ok. i'm back. i couldn't stay away.
You know, like that song.
I'm still planning on making my dramatic move to Wordpress, but I don't have the patience right now. So... soon.

A few things I've been wanting to say:

1. What's up with the movement toward alternative grains? I was at a diner this weekend and had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to a woman who would not shut the fuck up about quinoa. KEEEENNNNNWAAAAA. DO YOU HAVE KEEEEENWA? JUST A LIL' BIT O' KEEEEEEEEEEENWA?
If it weren't for the stop-traffic-deliciousness of the sweet potato pancake sitting in front of me, I may have hurt her.
I didn't think so.

2. Why is every shirt in every store right now a maternity shirt? It's like the whole babydoll dress trend of '97... but even more horrible.
I also hate ballet flats.

3. The other day, I was at the store buying an Amy's frozen sandwich thingy. Spinach and feta or something.
I was at the checkout and the guy was like, "is this your lunch?"
Skeptical and unamused, I humored him: "uh, yea."
He replies,"Sometimes my wife does that. She just heats something like that up and eats it. And that's that."







Wat do you say to that??: "Uhhh, she's so weird... heating up a frozen entree like that... in the microwave!? Ca-RaaaAzy!"

I went with "Oh."

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Blogger kate.d. said...

i kinda like ballet flats. as long as they are not paired with leggings or skinny jeans.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the maternity shirts. I AM pregnant (5 mos) and I can't believe most of the regular size shirts fit me. Is the design behind the shirts supposed to hide some sort of nasty new age girl gut I'm unaware of?!

Ballet flats are stupid and they just make your ass look fat. Not that I liked the ridiculous pointy-toe 3" heels either.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Random Musings Of My Life said...

UGG ballet flats.. I love me some shoes but I would vote with you on these... UGLY!!!

11:30 PM  

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