46 Pineapples for a Steak-Filled Pony-Castle

A few things:

1. Tom, I really will meme up your meme. I don't watch Lost, so I just need to figure out some fuzzy logic by which I get to be Sloan from Entourage. Then my casting can commence.

2. Sarah, Paul, E, Max K, Stacey, Kate, Stace, Jess... Love your Wiffitis! Who did I forget?

3. Last night, Jason and I headed over to 28Degrees (pre-pre-dinner), Icarus (pre-dinner) and Masa (dinner).
[Disclaimer: We had Phantom Gourmet gift cards. And we were very thirsty.]

As we walked by the Smith & Wollensky castle on our way down Arlington St, Jason wondered out loud what the castle used to be. Well, here: "the medieval structure was constructed in 1891 and originally served as the headquarters for the First Corps of Cadets."

Yo. That's not nearly as interesting as I had hoped. I was hoping for something a little more "the old residence of an evil sorcerer who turned ponies into glittering bags of money, and who ultimately got shot by a wild donkey breeder because he thought the sorcerer stole his pants, when in fact the pants-thief was actually an angry escaped pony."

Whatev. Still a pretty amazing building.

And also, Masa: I adore you.



Anonymous adamg said...

The urban legend about the castle is that Boston Brahmins built it as a redoubt from which they could fend off the anarchist Irishmen they were convinced would one day try to rise up against their betters.

The truth, alas, as you discovered, is way more boring: It was built as a National Guard armory, basically.

10:07 PM  
Blogger kate.d. said...

"boston brahmins" is the name of my fantasy baseball team. for some reason, this really amuses me, even now, four weeks after coming up with it.

i am lame.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous dan said...

The Swiss Army Knife was also developed in 1891.

1:27 AM  
Blogger blythe said...

oh NECN. the thing i miss most (today) about MASS is the phantom gourmet. tear.

6:30 PM  

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