195 Crabapples for Sexy Diapers?

I remember the first time I saw broccoflower.

I was all "whaaaaaaaaat? a broccoli hybrid? sup yo, get me some'a that!"

And, for the record, it tastes mostly like cauli, and is honestly nothing to write home about, but the initial shock of it was really a thing to remember.

I felt a similar feeling today, as I found out about this: "the original online community for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers."

Humina humina diaper?

Who likes diapers?

Moreover, who likes to photograph him/herself in diapers?

Not me.

I mean, how uncomfortable are pants? (very)
Now multiply that by infinite layers of absorbent cotton bunting, a plasticoat liner, and adhesive snuggifiers.

Makes me really sad.

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Blogger kate.d. said...

you obviously don't read enough Dan Savage :)

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newsflash Jayn...the rest of the world doesn't live to please you.
May you be forcibly diapered by a 200 lb. diesel dyke in front of a room full of 80-year-old bingo ladies.

8:54 AM  

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