500 Pineapples for The One-Armed Z-List

With soaring hopes of turning Critical Fluff into a narrative menagerie of fat dogs stuck in garden accoutrements, dead miniature frogs, and gimpy rodents, I have pictures for you.

This is the one-armed squirrel. I had the privilege of meeting him in-the-flesh on Christmas morning when I went home to visit my parents. A treat, I tell ya.

And this is him eating the altruistically-deshelled nuts.

And this is him chewing his nuts carefully so he does not choke (as we all should do).
Please pay extra attention to the hanging arm. It is limper than a wet old sock named Floppy.

Now, in return for seeing an indisposed squirrel, go join Squidoo and up my ranking. The one-armed squirrel says thanks, yo.
He also says, "F you, Jaynie K, for using my disability to garner votes."

Whatever, Onesie, whatever.


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