31 Pineapples for an Extra Big Sample Size

I had two dreams last night:

1. I was at Canobie Lake Park (a small amusement park in NH), playing arcade games. The game, which was designed to dispense quarters for winning, started rapidly spitting out 10 dollar bills. I stuffed my jeans full.

2. I was in J.P. Licks with Anne and Jason. I asked for a sample of soft-serve "Sweet Cream & Oreo" (which I don't think actually exists, but would certainly be delicious). Instead of giving me a tiny-tiny-cup sample per usual, the ice cream worker girl gave me a huge bowl. The three of us ate it and agreed that it was excellent. And then I decided that since I has already had a "sample" of that, I would place my real order. Peanut butter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. It was big. Then Jason and Anne ordered equally huge sundaes, and I offered to pay (obviously... I had pockets full of tens). The total? $5.47. (Yes. $5.47.) Sweet deal.

I think Freud would conclude that I am clearly six years old, ice cream obsessed, and in the midst of a financial panic.

And yes, Freud would be all too correct.


Anonymous jon said...

mmmmm...this inspired internet research. I distinctly remember as a kid that Bart's Ice Cream in Western Mass did, indeed, have Sweet Cream and Oreo ice cream. Sadly, their website reports that is not the case. Same thing for JP Licks - no sweet cream and oreo this month. But perhaps we can get a "request a flavor" campaign going to make it available for April or May. I'm totally game!http

12:06 AM  
Blogger kate.d. said...

oh, bart's! there was one (maybe the only one? i dunno) in amherst, i loved that place. their hot vanillas (instead of hot chocolates, you know, for us vanilla people) were amazing.

and finanical panic must be in the water or something - i had my very own yesterday! and i haven't even done my taxes yet.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous jayniek said...

jon, I just checked with Ben (and, incidentally, also with Jerry) and it seems that Sweet Cream and Oreo has been relegated to the Flavor Graveyard!

kate.d.--- indeed, i'm a vanilla-base girl all the way. hot vanilla sounds like happiness. sometimes i get that International Delight Vanilla Creme mix stuff, but it pretty much tastes like "vanilla powder mixed with hot water."

10:32 AM  
Anonymous jon said...

kate.d that Amherst Bart's was my love growing up back in Western Mass...but there was also one in NoHo.

jayniek - i'm mailing a letter every day to vermont. f*ing postage will have me at a pint by the end of March. Who's with me?

10:57 PM  
Blogger blythe said...

oh man. how i miss bart's (noho and amherst) and j.p. licks. and well, the whole state.

6:22 PM  

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