10 Crabapples for Early Birds and/or Earlybirds

I have been seeing a shitload of robins lately.
This is bothering me far more than it should.
I always firmly believed that "first sign of Spring" thing. Most totally.
And suddenly they are everywhere, hopping on cruddy snowbanks, all hoppity-skittery across ice slicks.
My worldview feels threatened.

Tomorrow I am making pork.
Who makes pork?

Back to the stupid things written on packaging schtick--
I have a carton of supermarket brand eggwhites labeled "The Amazing Egg Whites."
Uh, they don't do shit.

I'm hating on the new blogger. Once I get motivated, I'm moving this guy over to WordPress. Blogger's all clunky and know-it-all. And I refuse to let it sign me in with my google account. Blogger-Not-Beta-Anymore, you don't own me.

Earlybirds is a strange word if you say it more than twice in a row.


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