933 Pineapples for Countering the Whine with Wine

Some grape-based pineapples:

1. Since I am not allowed (by law) to get on a plane without drinking at least 3 glasses of wine (and a shot of whiskey...and a "calm the fuck down, you bitch" pill), I very much appreciate Vino Volo. That's right, wine tasting in airports. Brilliant!

2. I live in MA. We can't have wine delivered here. This makes me angry; it makes me even angrier because last weekend we drank a so-very-wonderful bottle of Peju Provence (brought back from Sonoma), which is conveniently not available in stores. Simply, I want more.
So, you should all go here and support wine shipment to MA.

3. Also, you should all go here and sign up for the Wine & Healthy Living newsletter. It's truly feel-good.

4. In conclusion, I'd like to report that a few weekends ago, I returned my first bottle of off wine to the store. It was supposed to be a Wine Spectator 90+ Gewurtztraminer, and the finish was like ass. This fact didn't prevent me from feeling like a total tool bringing it back. Thankfully, the clerk tasted it, agreed, and gave me a new bottle.
In any case, still felt like a douchecan.


Blogger kate.d. said...

god i'm such a plebian - i didn't know you even *could* do such a thing as return a bottle of wine, never mind what a finish is and how it should taste.

i would probably just assume that if i thought it tasted like ass, i shouldn't buy that wine anymore.

so much to learn, so much to learn.

2:33 PM  

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