65 Pineapples for Franklin Cafe

Go Bears.


Last night, Jason and I ate at Franklin Cafe in the South End. The South End is kind of a Boston Black Hole for me, since it's not T-accessible and I seem to get very, very lost trying to follow Tremont St. for more than a few hundred yards at a time. And since Franklin Cafe doesn't take reservations, only has 6 or so tables, and is known for it's 2-hour weekend wait, it's kind of an event to go there.

BUT: So very worth it. The wine and cocktail menu is wonderful, the bartenders are (super busy) and very efficient, the space is crowded but low-key, and the food is excellent (and, honestly, a really good value for the quality). AND we finally tried Conundrum, which has been on my Things That Are Probably Awesome List for a while. And it was.

I very much enjoy the South End. I just need to submit a plea to City Hall to move it closer to the Red Line. Preferably by summer.

And to conclude circularly, Go Bears.


Anonymous hetherjw said...

I'd like to assign negative a million pineapples to Rex Grossman. Can [you] make that happen?

(Posted for Dave, who was unable to figure out how comments worked. He has been mocked.)

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Katers said...

I HAD salmon and wasabi mashed potatos at the Franklin Cafe and also wine. And it was fucking brilliant. All of it. Except that it was too dark to read the menu and so I felt like my grandma (who we really called muma) trying to read the fucking thing with the mini candle in a dish up at my face.
Apparently I like to say fucking today.
You also need to go to Ten Tables in JP. Tomorrow.

12:42 PM  

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