304 Crabapples for Brit's (a W)hack Job

Oh Brit.
Dear, dear Brit.
I would much prefer not to go all Nancy Kerrigan on your once-so-perky ass, but Why? WHHHHHY?

Jaynie, what the fuck are you talking about?
This. This right here.

Yea, see, umm, call me shallow or "ignoring the issue at hand" or whatever... but I find that look severely unflattering for your face shape.


Anonymous Katers said...

And I would prefer not to go all psychoanalyst on her ass, but cutting off your hair by yourself (in this case shaving her head by herself) is the first sign that someone will "hurt" herself. Seriously, does anyone give a shit about her except to take pictures of her? I'm feeling a Norma Jean story going on all over again...

10:00 PM  

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