14 Crabapples for Whine

Today was uncomfortable for me.
This is because it was that horrid, horrid day known as "first day wearing new jeans day." You know... when they're still all stiff and crispy and bad, and you feel like you're wearing croutons with leg holes.

Also, I ran out of lotion last Thursday and kept forgetting to pick some up, so my skin has been slowly alligatoring for days. So then when I finally grabbed some Vaseline Intensive Care on my lunch break today and applied it to my angry calves, they bucked and screamed and cried like angry, angry, dry and flaky ponies. It took every ounce of will in my body not to whip out a hairbrush at work and just rake the fuck away at my tree-bark skin. Over and over and over again, right on down to my innards.

But now, now... all is resolved... the derm is beginning to hydrate, I am drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream, and Scrubs is on.

And, to boot, I found this picture of a baby donkey and a baby dog.


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