99 Pineapples for CA

Because I like restaurants, wine, beautiful views, and learning (because obviously this is mainly about learning), I'm heading off to California tomorrow for a good whole week.

During this time, I will be on vacation. I haven't taken a blogging vaca since last March. In an attempt to not go into deep withdrawal, my Official Blog Photographer and I will be taking breathtaking pictures to post when we return.

In particular, I promised SDT that I would take a picture of myself buying something really awesome. For a dollar. Because I owe her a dollar. And in lieu of giving her back the dollar as "people" do, we have agreed that I will take a photo of me spending that dollar in the most amazing, insightful, and elegant way possible.

I don't think I can get away with "me + gum at the Sonoma 7-11."
Suggestions welcome.


Blogger Stacey said...

Have fun in Cali, kid!

Oh, and I think you should use that dollar to tip a porter at the hotel you're staying at. That would be oh-so-elegant! :)

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Have fun! If you hit up Napa, take the hour and half wine tour/tasting at Cakebread. It's ridiculously cheap (like $15 tops) you get a whole tour of the joint AND taste about 10 wines and they give you 10 pairing recipes to boot. It was by far the best tour I took while in Napa .... of couse I was black out drunk after drinking (NOT tasting) the 10 wines - so who knows, there could have been a better tour. Although I am always a fan of people saying "You liked that one? Here's another glass!".

10:26 PM  

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