3 Mulligans and No County Lines

I'm pretty sure I saw Charlie Sheen driving a silver Mercedes down my street early this morning. This is very true.

But, in other news, I happily just submitted my request to get a replacement battery for my recalled Apple battery. The process was simple and even a little fun (not really fun, but not at all painful or annoying, so fun in it's lack of roadblocks). One weird thing: they asked me for my county. We, the people of Massachusetts, do not "do" counties. In Maryland, where I went to college, they do counties, but not here, no-ho-hoo-boy, not here.

When I filled it out, I got my county wrong. I guessed Suffolk; it was Middlesex. The fact that their software corrected me makes me wonder why they asked me in the first place.

Also, while in Maryland not knowing my county would immediately deem me a lousy idiot, here in these parts it just makes me slightly stupid.

As such, I don't feel the least bit bad about myself.


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