22 Crabapples for Blue Heads

Speaking of Tigger beating up kids, I have been wanting to add some new full-of-flair photos to CF. This is in my best interest, as I would like people to stop thinking that I am some first-year-art-student-slash-confused-pansy.
You know... hey Jaynie, what's up with the blue?

[Answer: I felt locked into the blue thing since I took that first shot with my iSight and then played around with colors in Photoshop and didn't save the original one where I am captured in actual human colors.]

So, this past weekend my OBF (Official Blog Faux-tographer) was going to take headshots. Um, this is about as far as we got.

I'll keep working on it.


Blogger kate.d. said...

i kinda like the blue. but change is good.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous katers said...

i like the blue, too. it's soothing like the ocean.

1:54 PM  

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