20 Pineapples for Ridin', Ridin', Bunny Ridin'

Being the marketing type and all, I'm constantly on the look-out for emerging trends. While '06 was an exciting year filled with UGC, viral vids, GooTube, and the rise of the blogosphere, '07 is primed and ready to be even BIGGER!

Why? Well, not only because I believe that Julie Roehm will rise again and Low-Sugar Frosted Flakes are finally being considered a fricking stupid-as-fried-oats idea, but because I forecast that this will be the year of the Commuter Bunny.

commuter bunny

Yes, m'am.
The Commuter Bunny Troop/Troupe will be:
1. huge bunnies
2. extra fluffy
3. wearing saddles
4. that will take you to work
5. and graze outside happily during the day until
6. you are ready to go home
7. then your appointed CB will take you home
8. you then feed the bunny some pellets
9. and he sleeps until morning

CBs can wear branded headbands (see VW example above), and there are revenue-sharing options available with CommieBunnie, LLC. This way, you can rake in some ad revenue while you ride to work. Franchising opportunities available.


Blogger kate.d. said...

oh my god that is the funniest picture i have ever seen. ever. ever in my whole life.

i am trying so hard not to bust out laughing like a crazy person right now. damn this cubicle farm! i can hardly stand it!

12:54 PM  

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