800 Crabapples for Paris and Brit in Leopard

I'm so fucking bored of blogging right now that I could kick a bird.

A half-hearted pineapple to Michael Vick for his half-hearted apology.
Whatever, we're over it.

800 crabapples to Paris and Britney's newfound BFF status. Dude, Brit, that dress is just plain stupid.

My head hurts.

Um, okay, focus.

300 pineapples for my anticipation of Casino Royale. But 82 crabapples to psychoanal "fans" who nitpick like Canadian Geese over tiny mistakes. Shut up and enjoy the movie. I'm betting it is awesome.

HA! Look at that beagle jump with the stuffed bunny. HA!

I'm still totally blog bored.


Blogger kate.d. said...

i just posted about this! i am mildly to moderately obsessed with casino royale. like, i can't stop thinking about it.

i am weird.

and daniel craig? an enigma. he was really good - overall. i had moments where i was like "holy crap you are hot and the best james bond ever," and other moments where i was like "eh."

go see it! right now! flee from wherever you are and go!

12:43 PM  
Blogger Danny said...

Kate nailed it. Bond was definitely worth seeing. I'm even more a Daniel Craig fan now (and started as one before Bond). If you like him, check out Layer Cake.

I didn't notice the nit-picky mistakes. I had a couple of gripes, but they're small.

12:57 PM  

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