58 Pineapples for the CCAE

I look forward to it every season like a very good child waiting for a soft-baked cookie.

The Cambridge Adult Education Catalog.

The thing's a certified riot.

I swear they string eight random words together in some sort of fucked-up Surrealist drinking game and then call it a class.

For example, I give you (from the Winter catalog):

Covering Up with Native Vines
[huh? Is this gardening or Creationism?]

The Methods of Psychology of Succeeding with Your Boss and Succeeding as a Boss
[This should obviously be split into two classes. I absolutely assure intra-hierarchy wartime here.]

Adult Children of Alcoholics

[Adult children? Wait; What? I thought I understood that class, but no. Okay, wait, yea, okay, I get it, but it's badly worded.]

The Educated Back
[yea, like, your back. Meh?]

Change Your Inner Talk: Change Your World
[I'm just gonna leave that one alone.]

Nightclub Two-Step
[aka "Grinding Up on Others in a Group Setting"]

Passion & Purpose: Creating a Road Map for the Rest of Your Life
[In a Saturday afternoon? Suuuuure, I fucking dare you.]

Appalachian Dulcimer for Beginners
[What?! No advanced section??]

The Possibilities of Polenta [REALLY? I mean, uhhh, intriguing?]

Full Body Massage Techniques with a Partner [um, because that's not awkward.]

Winter term begins January 8th. Go ahead, enrich yourselves.


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