4 Mulligans for the YMCA, 02144

Tonight, I went swimming at the Somerville YMCA, and:

1. The woman at the front desk asks me, "you're a high school student, right?" [no.]

2. The old man in the lane next to me spent at least 30 minutes doing handstands in the exact center of the pool. [what a diva.]

3. The guy sharing my lane wore a white swimsuit. [you moron.]

4. I forgot a towel so had to dry myself with the stupid hand dryers. [which blew cold air.]

But overall a wonderful experience.

On a sidenote, know those new Pampers diapers with "caterpillar flex"? I would die for a pair of black pants with that.


Blogger J.D. said...

I've no idea how one dries themselves with a hand dryer. Wowsers, though.

Oh, and yes, white swimsuit is a no-no, I don't care whether it's before or after Labor Day.

6:07 AM  

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