25 Pineapples for the Joy of Miniature Baking

easy bake
I fondly remember the small brownies, the small cakes, the small cookies, the small pan, the small heat lamp thingy... and the small joy of making a fun treat out of powdered chemicals, dirty fingers, and love.

Congratulations to the Easy Bake Oven for being inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame!

That's great and everything; I mean, bravo, etc... But the fact that this induction made NPR headlines? Hmm. Are we really in that much of a post-election news dip?

ALSO: Tonight on Iron Chef... Giada de "Huge Noggin, Lil' T-Rex Arms" Laurentiis vs. Miss OverPerked Rachael Ray. My money's on Giada.

[flickr thanks to E. Witcher.]


Blogger Tom said...

Why, why, why, would you ever put your money on Flay vs. Battali? Why would you ever pick Giadi after the promo Food Network has been running for a week showing her hopping up and down saying "my water isn't boiling!!"

I mean really? It looked like Bobby's instructions right before the match started were "Giadi, your job, your only job, is to make ravioli. That's it. Ravioli. Repeat after me: I will make ravioli. I will not touch anything else in Kitchen Stadium. I will only make ravioli."

They got trounced. I just don't understand how you didn't see it coming.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Hooker said...

Giada pronounces "crispy" weird.

I hate it.

11:10 AM  
Blogger jayniek said...

I cringe every time Giada says the name of a pasta all authentic Italiany. I swear she is embellishing.
This noodle we have here is tegallirotiniolini.
It's ZITI, you bitch.

And tom, I only picked giada because of I have more faith in Bobby than Mario. And because Rach has a tendency to wear on me.

and because giada has agile little arms.

11:19 AM  
Blogger mance01 said...

More faith in BOBBY than in MARIO?!?? Mario cannot be beaten. He is the man. Also, Bobby Flay is a jackass.

And Giada De Laurentiss is a waste of space. And precious precious oxygen. :-p

5:35 PM  

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