16 Mulligans For Those of Us Rendered NFTB By Any Means

I'd like to use my post today to expound upon a topic that I brought to light yesterday, slumped on my couch, feeling un-tastic.

Yes indeed: NFTB.

The concept of Not Fit To Blog could be quite useful in the judicial system, falling just about smack-dab-center in the spectrum of Normal Person to Criminally Insane.

In my opinion, a severe case of NFTB is far worse than NFTUOC(P).
Not Fit To Use One's Cell Phone.

But it is less severe than NFTGNBANDI.
Not Fit To Go Near Bleach And Not Drink It.

It hovers right around NFTBTNTGOAYRWASAS, but proves to be far more concrete and traceable.
[If you couldn't figure that one out, that would be:
Not Fit To Be Trusted Not To Go Outside And Yell Random Words At Squirrels And Shrubs.]

See? NFTB is a perfect middle ground.

If the Supreme Court ends up implementing this (which they assuredly will), I expect royalties.

I'll buy you all lunch.


Blogger Sephyroth said...

Just thought I'd say hi as I'm trying to visit and comment on as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can. :)

You ought to contact the copyright office to make sure that you can protect it. ;)

4:33 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Haha, love it, JK.

6:43 PM  

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