1550 Pineapples for This Dog

starbucks dog
I met this dog at Starbucks today.

I do not know what her name is, but she's quite pretty.

Also, she has a cup right next to her, so I assume her to be a beggar.

Unless that cup is for water, in which case I feel bad for dropping in a nickel.


Blogger Hooker said...

did you take that picture? do you walk around with one of those cameras with an accordion for a focus lense and a drape that goes over your head? did the dog freak out when the flash sent a plume of thick smoke swirling through the air?

did frantic piano music play the entire time?

did you twist your evil mustache?

i'm done.

7:14 PM  
Blogger jayniek said...

yup, i took it. i waggled a lil' sepia filter on it because the dog reminded me of Oliver Twist.
and no, I don't know why Oliver Twist deserves sepia, but, yea, you know...

i did mot twist my mustache, for I had just recently groomed it.

i am done too.

9:44 AM  

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