10 Pineapples for the Frog

I've been an absolute weirdo since I woke up this morning.
Mostly because "woke up" is loose phrasing for today.
Instead, I think I've been at about 40% capacity of aliveness, tops.
My head has spent every minute since 7am questioning the ground, the sky, and this dull, throbbing ache which has slowly and effectively emcompassed the upper right-hand quadrant of my head.

It's been the type of day when I'm just sitting there, working on something, and suddenly it becomes completely crucial for me to know the average life span of a daschund (12-13 years; see, I'd think they die young) or a donkey (45!), or the percentage of Americans who currently own a gerbil/hamster (approx 2%).
Okay, maybe not "crucial," but more "generally helpful in the propulsion of the day at-large."

And now I'm sitting here drinking hazelnut coffee (which I don't like), while watching Deal or No Deal (which I loathe) in a definitive act of lack of a better idea.

[On a side note, I hate this Kay Jewelers commercial with the old movie and the diamond circle pendant. It makes me gag audibly. I'd go so far as to say "wretch."]

I think this all started because I saw this leaf on the way to work that I was certain was a dead frog. But it wasn't. It was a leaf (as I said at the beginning of this paragraph, thereby ruining the story). But yea, and then I was disappointed. Not because the frog wasn't dead, but that it wasn't a frog at all. See?

And I could read, I guess. But the book I'm reading chronicles the dissolution of a marriage. And the crumbling of a family.
That probably won't help.

And it's strange. Because I'm in a fantastic mood. Just foggy and amazingly unfocused.

Tomorrow I'll try wearing bright colors. And loud shoes. And possibly finger cymbals?

Whatever. I probably just need more biotin.


Blogger kate.d. said...

finger cymbals. perfect. do it.

seriously, you kill me...i know what finger cymbals are, but that might be the last noun that ever occurred to me in the course of normal brain function. ever.

10:58 PM  

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