Pineapples, Pineapples, Pineapples for $26 Bottles!

ivy1. Up until this weekend, I hadn't eaten Kix since I was...hmmm...probably...seven. Well, the hugeass-size box was on sale this past spin through the G-store, so I bought it.
After consuming bowl 1, I am totally convinced that each individual Kix (kick?) is half the size it used to be.
Yo. Is this true?

Amidst my quest to find out if the above is true (or if, perhaps, the wondrous phenomenon of me "getting bigger since I was seven" is what has dwarfed them), I googled "size of kix." What I found was not some sort of cereal evolution chart, but a sizing chart for a Kix halloween costume (the box, not the actual corn puff itself). That's kind of a fun idea, right? Yep, sure.
:: Anyway, 12 Shrunken Pineapples for Shape Shifting ala Milled Corn.

2. Thanks to Real Girl for the America's Next Top Model Drinking Game. Hilarious.
Additionally, the "cream-filled cake" lip balm mentioned within that same post sounds wonderful. Although my current Tootsie Roll lip balm tastes like asscandy, so one can never feel full confidence in petroleum-based dessert tubes.
:: 53 Pineapples for a new BLOG! to read.

3. Any Bostonians been to Ivy in the Ladder District? It's fairly new, and I've seen its ads plastered all over the Metro and Weekly Dig and Stuff at Night; also, just this morning it was featured on Phantom Gourmet.
What's so alluring about it? Well, two things:
    a. On Wine: Our unique wine program features over 60 bottles of wine priced at $26.00 per bottle, most of those wines are also served in 6oz and 12oz Reidel crystal quartino’s. This program was created to encourage guests to explore and enjoy new vintages and give them the unique ability to change the type of wine they are drinking as their food selections change.

    Yo, Ivy, such a good call. Then you don't need to do the whole "I shouldn't get the token cheapo $22 bottle and look like a douche, but I've never heard of the $39 one, and what if it's not worth it? And Jacob's Creek just sounds chintzy" thing. Also, I love the whole small plates with wine pairings concept, although at those prices it adds up a bit too fast for my liking. But for a special occasion (like giving birth to an amphibian or having a shooting star made out of platinum and garnets fly straightaway into my outstretched arms), it would be really great.

    b. Free Gelato at the end of the meal! In little baby cones! WHASSUP NOW, A-HOLES.
    Seriously, shut the fuck up because you know that's so cool.
    I wonder if you get to pick the flavor you get. I would pick banana if they had it. Actually, no, chocolate banana. Yes, chocolate banana would be the best.

:: 45 Hypothetical Pineapples for Ivy. I would dole even more if I could afford it. And to anyone who's been, lemme know if it's worth it.


Blogger kate.d. said...

what is this "ladder district" business?

when did boston get pretentious??

i mean, in that way.

8:19 PM  
Blogger e$ said...

that's pretty weird, because i had a dream last night that I was eating Kix.


9:40 AM  
Blogger jayniek said...

yea, uh, i think Ivy made up the "ladder district" aka "downtown crossing." Maybe there's construction around their building and they're being cheeky. i do not know.

e, Kix are good; that is a lovely dream. was that it though? just eating kix, end of story?

9:48 AM  
Blogger eileen said...

The Ladder District is sort of near the Leather District. (not exactly, but I just wanted to say Leather District.)
I've eaten at Ivy and liked it. Friendly staff (not snobby at all!), good food, and the $26 bottle wine thing rules. I'd recommend going with a group of 4 or 5 and ordering a couple big salads and 2 or 3 small plates per person. That way you get to try more stuff and it feels like you're getting your money's worth.

3:47 PM  
Blogger e said...

who are you calling e?

4:49 PM  

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