89 Crabapples for Grabby, Grabby Lane Aquisitions

Dear Every-MBTA-Bus-in-Boston-and-Adjacent-Suburbs,

You are horrible.
No wait. Let me start over.
Dude, I understand that you're a bus (and also that buses are large), so really-- don't take this the wrong way.

But tonight, I was driving down Mass Ave, and you insisted on taking up all of the lanes. I just wanted one. You were certain that you deserved three.
For the record: You do not.

The fact that you are what you call a "public transportation vehicle" in no way means that you are exempt from the common practice that we "private vehicles" routinely refer to as "picking a lane."

With that, I bid you adieu. Friday Night Lights has started, and it deserves my attention far more than you do.
Listen-- you know that's true.

Til later,
Jaynie K


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