236 Pineapples for Sunday;
Pats Lead by 25.

My attention span has been sucked dry, and my mind is as floppy and cushy as the hoodie and sweatpants I've been rocking all afternoon.

Ergo, a mash of next-to-nothing:

1. Went to Anthem last night. Despite the construction and very elegant scaffolding adorning the exterior, the food and service were both excellent.
Most noteworthy: the cinnamon, fig, and vanilla infused bourbon. and the standing silver wine bucket with ice propped conveniently next to our table. and the artichoke-spinach (it's back!) risotto. Also, our server was small enough to fit in my hand.
::150 Perfectly-Paired, Pint-Sized Pineapples.

2. One day this week, I want to try out a class at the Dance Complex in Cambridge. I can't decide if I want to go the way of tap or hip-hop. Perhaps both. Although I've always, always, always wanted a pair of those beige tap shoes with heels. And then I could wear leggings and not consequently force myself to drink a repentance-cocktail of turpentine and milk.
::16 Premature Pineapples.

3. I bought this at Sephora yesterday, and the whole fricking experience of it confuses the crazap outta me. I fought with it for at least 10 minutes last night, clicking, shaking, and twisting the damn thing. I ended up with an uneven gloop on my eyelid and a big fat scowl on my face.
::12 Crabapples, in Iridescent Beige.

4. Check out this chart of Netflix vs. Blockbuster stock values.
yahoo finance chartPlease suppress your startled faces.
::Oh, Netflix, you know I love you. 70 Pineapples with butter, salt, and a cozy blanket.


Blogger kate.d. said...

tap! do tap!!

when you learn a triple time step, you will remember how to do it forever. it's like riding a bike. i still do them in the kitchen myself, sometimes.

9:18 PM  

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