192 Pineapples, Crushed and Enveloped in Creamy Goodness

Oh, Pinkberry... come... come... come to your momma!

First, essential background: I am obsessed with that mix-in frozen yogurt than you can find in every sub shop in Allston-Brighton, along with Angora Cafe, and Cabot's in Newton. FYI: I get cookie dough/M&M. Sometimes PB Cup if I'm feeling it.

You know-- it's the kind where they use that big machine that looks like a drill and they put in superfrozen chunks of ice cream and then it comes out all twisty and creamy and hypersweet and wondrous. Pure beauty!

I just learned that there's a new sub shop in Davis (Top Speed Pizza) that has this phenomenal treat! And they deliver it!

So then I see this whole Pinkberry thing on Cool Hunting today, and instantly recommence drooling. It's supposedly less sweet than regular mix-in, and has that real yogurty twang that's so good.

I want one.

[photo cred to Cool Hunting.]

**and speaking of cones (well, sorta), check out pizza cones over on BMA.


Blogger e$ said...

Cafe Kiraz on Hampshire St. near the B side lounge. mix-in fro yo.



10:04 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

I am ADDICTED to Cool Hunting. ADDICTED.

1:22 PM  

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