1 Mulligan for a Netflix Slip


I've been bad at blogging lately because I've been spending more time over at BeyondMadisonAvenue. Go try it; you'll like it.

But, I will take a lunch break moment to state a very crucial statement and ask a very crucial question:
I mailed back one of my own DVDs in with a Netflix DVD. Is it gone forever?

I'll try customer service later this afternoon, but I think it may be lost in a dark abyss of zillions of discs. I just picture it shoved at the bottom of a trash heap akin to the talking one on Fraggle Rock.

That would suck.

Update: just went on the netflix site and shuffled through their FAQs.
To my dismay:

Q: I accidentally returned a personal CD or DVD. How do I get it back?
A: Unfortunately, we're unable to return personal CDs or DVDs that are mistakenly sent to us.

Netflix, I mean, I totally get it, but it's getting hard to still love you.


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