80 Pineapples, 80s Style

I need intervention. And... yea... i need it quickly.
I'm almost, almost, almost ready to take the plunge.
I've got one foot nearly over the line.
Someone, anyone, please take my hand and yank me back to safety.

The situation is this:
I'm seriously considering re-embracing 80s fashion.

And I don't mean just a stray legwarmer now and again; I'm talking about a full-on sequinbelt-rainbow-colored-chunky- plastic-earrings-off-the-shoulder-Fame-sweatshirt type of 80s adoption.

You got it, friends: I'm on the brink of zig-zagging my eyeliner and rimming it with turquoise and violet.

I'm fricking for real here, yo... and it scares the leggings off me.
(Okay, so I draw the line at leggings.)

I'm just kinda thinking that I'm a perfect candidate to like this shit.
Why? Because I like:
1. color
2. shiny objects
3. lots of jewelry
4. wide belts
5. fun sparkly t-shirts
6. being really cool

See? A total match made in ironic-retro-jelly-bracelet heaven!
Do I do it?
Oh, I think I do!

On a similar topic, last week I found myself in Mint Julep, a Harvard Square boutique that opened its cutesy-cool doors this past Feb, and I instantly felt happy and wonderful. You know that scene in Cinderella where the birds and mice and other assorted forest crits are making Cinderella a new dress and they sing some song? It felt like that. Except that there were no animals involved. Nor a dress of any sort. Nor music. But other than that... um, it was exactly like that.
Yea, so you should go there. All of you!

And, while I'm on the shopping beat, I bought 2 pairs of BCBGs today, a brown and a black, and both pairs of heels have grippies on the bottoms.
Completely radical.

[and speaking of overwhelming awesomeness, super-psychedelic flickr props for lebonbonmulticolore. Because really, who doesn't love a good ironing board + light blue deflated bear picture? That's right, hombres. No one but yo' momma.]

** Tomorrow, a story to rival "Dog In a Tomato Cage." No kiddin'.


Blogger kate.d. said...

noooooo! jayne, don't do it!! there are enough photographs of us in flourescent colors and layered socks from 4th grade to last a lifetime! no more...

maybe just sate yourself with some jelly bracelets. and maybe one of those stretchy sequin belts with the interlocking clasp. remember those?

they were cool.

10:20 AM  
Blogger jayniek said...

i already have a gold clippie belt ready to go.

i started the plan-- but not totally over the top-- today.

I'm liking it.

they don't make jelly heels, do they?

10:32 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

it is really easy to get sucked into 80s style ESPECIALLY if you are an accessories whore (which I am). And if had been older in the 80s my hair could have been EPIC. sigh.

2:23 PM  

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