57 Pineapples for Epimetheus' Biznatch

Today is a day for Pineapples, good men and women.

With that, I give you:

1. Pandora. A hearty thank you to the GG&G Collaborative (didya figure it out? didya?) for creating the mythical Pandora; for, without her and her better-late-than-never penned-up hope-nugget, I would never have found out that because I enjoy Counting Crows, I am also algorithmically likely to enjoy a one Mister Matt Nathanson.
If you don't use 'dora already... please start.

::57 Pineapples. Roasted with pine nuts!

2. A big, loving, fluffy welcome to A.V. Club (and, specifically, Amelie Gillette) for becoming a new daily read o' mine.

:: 30 Pineapples. This time, grilled!

3. I'm so glad that I have rec'd much feedback that many readers have either gone to Croma or have scheduled outings to the Heaven of Sangria and Dough.
Have fun tonight, Elizabeth!

:: 891 Pineapples. Fired in a brick oven with tandoori chicken, obviously.
And, like, 955 more if anyone at Croma wants to pay me off for building buzz.


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