10 Mulligans for Unsanctioned Reality Writers

While doing some ultra-serious research on the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model (henceforth, ANTM), I tossed aside the 98-pound wonders when I stumbled upon this info nugget:

Scripted TV writers are unionized; reality TV writers are not.

And Voila! The ANTM Writers' Strike (via Daily Kos).

Arguments on the legitimacy of reality programming: fierce.

Okay, also, this has nothing do do with, well, anything, and I'm sorry if this isn't funny, but, um, so I was looking up this pair of shoes I wanted on Zappo's, and I came across these. I get it. And I think that's great. No, really. But the moniker just makes me giggle.

I just picture a pair of loafers sitting in a chair at a restaurant, all like, "uh, i'll have the pad thai, but with tofu, please."

Ok, Sorry. I'm sorry.


Blogger kate.d. said...

more important that sanctimoniously meat-free shoes - what pair of shoes did *you* want?

i need new black dress shoes desperately. the black heels i have from two years ago are, well, from two years ago. and kinda boring.

i just bought a black skirt suit today, too, so i should get cracking on that...

5:54 PM  

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