80 Crabapples for Vague Curb Use

Rarely do I come upon a word I do not know.

For example, I just asked Jason: "Give me a word you think I do not know."

His reply: "Pedantic."

Me: "I know what that means."

Him: "I know. I got nothing for ya."



So, why am I bragging?
I'm not. It's just that I came upon a word I did not know the other day. And it was a simple word that I should know. A word as simple as "the" and "and" and "obseqious."

It is this: CURB.
In the context of "please curb your dog."
[Flickr woo to sectionz.]

I see the signs all the time, and as a major dog person, I should know what that means, right? I mean, doggie jargon comes with the inherent love. Or should.
Like, does it mean to not have your dog poop at all (like, curb as in "stop")... or does it mean to pull him over to the actual physical curb to have him go?

I did not know.

So, I goog'ed.

I learned this:

Curbing is the polite term for a canine waste disposal method that really should be called the Shove-It-Into-the-Sewer approach. A curbed dog is one who's been taught to poop in the street, right by the curb, so that the next rainstorm can sweep his deposits into the nearest gutter. Once in the gutter, the poop and lots of other waste wind their way through a city's sewer system and, eventually, into nearby creeks, streams, and rivers. Those final destinations are one reason curbing is a questionable canine waste disposal method.

*Thanks to Housetraining for Dummies.

Really? Does anyone's dog actually know how to do this? Really? Or is this an antiquated practice? This just seems very difficult. And ridiculously lofty. And I do believe that it very well may stifle creativity.

When I get a dog one happy day, I will let him choose his spot of his own free will. And I will pick it up with a baggie and a smile.


Anonymous adamg said...

I'm old enough to remember the days before pooper-scooper laws and basically, yeah, it means "Have your dog go in the street so at least the street sweeper can get rid of the crap once a week instead of letting your furry rodent go on the sidewalk where people will step in it."

2:34 PM  
Blogger kate.d. said...

His reply: "Pedantic."

ha! that jason's a cheeky one.

5:08 PM  

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