39 Pineapples for Secret Sangria


Here in Boston, the college crowds are back.
And... I'm so sorry to report, they have not received the memo about leggings (that they are NOT cool).
I have seen enough leggings to wrap a building, Christo-style.

But enough about that. yo.

I have been meaning to make an announcement.
My new favorite restaurant (for right now): Croma. on Newbury.
I just said "on Newbury." I suck.
No, but really. It's great. and reasonable. and has quite a nice menu. and secret sangria (white, rose, and red... but GET THE RED). I say "secret" because it's not on the menu and now you can order it and feel all-cool, too. Like I do, kinda.
And... (LISTEN!!) They have an appetizer called "dough balls." I don't even need to say anything... you know that sounds good.
Anything with "dough" in the title is fantastic-times-twelve.
Let's tally:
cookie dough
Pillsbury Doughboy [products] (like, um, cookie dough)
okay, shit, forget it.


Now-- This just in.
Guess what graduating year the original Saved By the Bell cast was?
Do it.
It'll make you feel old and horrible.


Blogger kate.d. said...

I have seen enough leggings to wrap a building, Christo-style.

ha ha. i love a good art joke in the morning.

and saved by the bell? graduating high school, i assume (as 'the college years' were a whole notha issue, right)?

hmmmm. i'll say 1990.

11:02 AM  
Blogger jayniek said...

but no.

also, I appreciate your appreciation of my nerdy joke.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Lola Mason said...

Hi Jayne! I have not commented on yor blog yet...but Christo inspired me to do it. Didn't we have to learn about the building wrapping in German class? If not that I have no idea how that info got into my brain. Needless to say I liked your joke too. And saved by the bell...I say 1993.

2:38 PM  
Blogger jayniek said...

LOLA! You win!
1993 it is!
Free fries from The Max straight to your inbox.

Also, yes, we definitely talked about Christo in German class. Didn't we? Yes. cuz he wrapped the Reichstag, I think.

4:01 PM  
Blogger kate.d. said...

mmmmm, fries.

and what lola didn't tell you is that thanks to this post, she now has a number of excursions to croma planned, brunch and dinner at the very least...

5:20 PM  
Blogger jayniek said...


Lola, remember to get the secret sangria: RED.
and try the chicken tandoori pizza. i didn't get it, but jason did... and I had total entree envy.

And I really can't stress the doughballs thing enough. And shouldn't have to.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Lola Mason said...

The sangria is a major selling point. The dough balls are icing on the cake. It will be one of my first dinner destinations as an offical city dweller. Oh and I think Kate forgot to mention that she is jealous of my saved by the bell trivia knowledge.

9:24 PM  
Blogger jayniek said...

AND the fact that the sangria is markedly NOT on the menu will raise you to instant VIP status, which is always comforting.... It brings about a state of normalcy and calm.

Beware though... the white is a bit too peachy.

And wait-- I didn't know you were an official city dweller??
KateCat obviously tells me nothing... (and doesn't care for me as a person).

She did, however, mention her seething jealously for your knowledge of highschool teen dramas... while also mentioning that she could kick yo' ass at My So-Called Life trivia.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Lola Mason said...

Yes, it obvious that Kate does not value either one of us. Apparently, my big life changes do not rank on her important stuff to tell Jayne meter. How unfortunate.
I will be an offical city dweller as of tomorrow, so I can be closer to school. Now if she didn't tell you about school, well I think maybe you should never talk to her again.

8:43 AM  
Blogger kate.d. said...

you are both heartless bitches. i leave for half a day, and you both throw me to the metaphorical wolves! i am wounded in my heart.

yes, lola will technically be a "city" dweller as of tomorrow - it will be that city that butts up against the City. i won't say which one in order to protect lola's privacy. that, and i think the FBI is after her.

maybe sometime when i'm back in new england, we can all get together and go to croma and drink sangria til we...um...til we get drunk.

yeah, that'd be cool.

12:24 PM  
Blogger jayniek said...

Listen, you leave the blogosphere at your own risk, yo...

"I am wounded in my heart."
That's funny... because I was mentally kicking you in the shins.
My mindcontrol punishment device must be fucked.

i could eat sangria and doughballs til forever.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Jenny said...


1:31 PM  
Blogger karrie said...

Yum. We're there next time I open the fridge and see one moldy kiwi and dregs in the ketchup bottle.

Tu Y Yo has great red sangria.Nice, unexpected hint of cinnamon.

12:51 PM  

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