22 Crabapples for the Registry of Bitchass Freaks

This is just to say...

I renewed my license on July 20th.

Um, yea... I still don't have a new license.

My lame-o temp license they emailed me has expired.

I have waited on hold for the RMV no less than four times (at least an hour a pop) for them to tell me it's on the way.

I had to use my PASSPORT like a stupid fuck at the liquor store last night. With a picture that makes me appear 14 years old, pale, and kinda like a flu-ridden, placenta-encased baby emu. I don't enjoy whipping it out. In fact, I do not "whip it out"; rather, I wean it from my purse like a piglet from it's momma.

So, if anyone reading this works at the RMV:

a. please, please, please help me!!
b. I hate you. Implacably.

**Flickr thanks to cheetah100.
Cool 'mu!


Anonymous hetherjw said...

Maybe I should work for the RMV. Then I could get you a license. And sell real fakes to high school students. And be like Fez from that 70's show. Hey... didn't he date Lindsay Lohan? This is the best plan ever.

1:12 PM  

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