180 Pineapples to a Couple of Jolly Dawgs

Dogs and dawgs alike, this post is for you.

So, just last night, Jason and I were discussing how both of our dads have a long-running joke about eating dogs.

Okay, wait, wait… I mean, like, both of our dads pretend to eat their own dogs. Or, like, hmm…. how do I make this not sound completely, completely twisted?
Both of our dads make jokes to their respective dogs like “look at that meaty leg of yours… I’m a’gonna eat it!”

Um, uh, just forget it.

Anyway, in reverence to whatever the fuck I just said, I have two dog things to show you.

First, there is this.

Then, there is this.

I like when the girl dog talks about liking red. AHAHAHAHA.
And the boy dog likes judo! That's classic comic elegance.
90 pineapples to each dog. And a pork&beef chewie stick.


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