Yea, some fruit.

1. This morning I saw the cutest dog that I've seen in a good while. It was so awesome. All peppy-stepped and prancy. It was a shipperke! SHIP-err-key. And how wonderful is that breed name?? "Hey, yo, this is Pebbles, my shipperke." Try to say that and not feel a little bit better about life.
Shit, I just did and I feel the same. Forget it. Hypothetically, though.
::4 wish-it-were-true pineapples.

2. So, last night, as I'm walking down Mass Ave with a group of friends, a homeless man began giving us restaurant recommendations (after we denied him spare change). [BTW-- Redbones, he says.] Then, as I'm pulling out of the parking lot a little while later, he yells to me, all angry and stuff, "get a break job!".
Really? Car judgement?
::Stop it. 77 crabapples.

3. Shoes with ankles straps look good on no woman. It's true. I don't care how tall and skinny you are, your leg line gets unapologetically broken and it makes you look stumpy. Sorry, but it's true. Just no.
::16 crabapples. And a warning to preserve unbroken body lines wherever you can.

4. Can I wear black to an outdoor summer wedding? No. No, right? No.
::88 crabapples for even posing the question. And I just pinched myself til I bruised.

5. Okay. Finally. Ashlee Simpson's new nose. She doesn't even look like Ashlee Simpson AT ALL anymore. I mean, she looks completely fantastic, but, like, maybe too generic or something? She looks kinda like a blonde girl with a perfect nose. I'm torn. I mean, I don't know what I mean.
::Perhaps a mully serves me best here.

Happy Fri, all.


Blogger kate.d. said...

oh dear. the day has finally come. we have to disagree.

oh wait, that day has already come, and that day was called magnolia.

anyway - ankle straps. i think, on the right style of shoe, they can be great. a really strappy shoe with not too high or too low of a heel, and i can dig the ankle strap. plus, selfishly, if i have an ankle strap i'm a little more confident that i'm not going to fall off of my own shoes. i like the little bit of stability (however imagined) it provides.

i can see your point about breaking up the line, but i think other benefits can ultimately offset that unfortunate side effect.

/defense of ankle straps everywhere

1:38 PM  
Anonymous e said...

on behalf of my high-heel, ankle-strap, black sandals: i throw a crabapple at you. i look damn fine in those shoes.

make it two crabapples.

10:23 AM  

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