90 Crabapples for Aubrey's Less Lockalicious Locks

I stumbled upon the new season of Making the Band tonight, and I saw something worse than a mouse eating my string cheese--
Aubrey has gone brunette. Like, dark brunette. Oh oh oh, sweet blonde balls of pointless volitility, did we not all learn from Ashlee?

In reverence to Aubrey's silly mistake, I'd like to bring back my second favorite song from season 3.
Note: My numero uno tawdry trash classic, "Lately I've Been Looking for a Man," rudely did not have a YouTube video for me to snarf-snag. Therefore, I have gone with #2, which also will lodge itself in your brain like a burrowing mealworm until you finally yell "OOOOOH! You're touching my body..." in line at the grocery store and everyone looks and you are forced to cover your face with a bag of Tostitos.

I have never done that because I have full control of every facet of my being, but yea, I can, like, imagine it happening. Sure.

**Editor's Aside: The intro sentence to the YouTube video link is a tragedy in verb agreement. I had nothing to do with it.
**Editor's Aside II: Mee-oow-oow to Eek the Cat for the band pic.


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