7 Crabapples for a Lack of Understanding

two things I need help with:

1. This morning, I am in the shower and I spot a bug.
I notice that he is crawling on the wall (which is white) directly along a little brown crack.
And then I realize he is creating the little brown crack.
And then I realize that he is not creating a crack, but rather he is trailing thin line of brown behind him as he crawls, so it just looks like a crack but is not.

He was small.
The size of a 14-point helvetica hyphen.
Black with a little yellow design on his back.
Not gross, just there.

What was he?

(this is not a pun)

2. I noticed this warning on the back of my deodorant this morning:
If you have kidney disease, consult your doctor before using.

I would appreciate clarity on both issues. I thank you in advance.
Now go enjoy your Mondays. A little.


Anonymous Kate said...

hmmmm...i know that there is a lot of aluminum in deodorants...some people think it causes mental diseases and such (like dimentia) later in life..but kidneys? I dunno...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way!!

10:16 PM  

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