65 Pineapples for 65%

Today I wicked bad suck at life. And I'm kinda totally annoyed that the "k" on my keyboard also sucks at life, so together we completely suc at life.
And the not-a-word "suc" just reminded me of the word "sac," which makes me think of swollen glands and dirty unborn caterpillars and all other things evil and missing Ks. Like, um, oh, i dunno, Rudy Seanez.

Anyway, I found some things notable today, despite my suc(k)ination, so here:

1. World Cup viewership is up a whip-whoppin' 65% in the US since '02. These are old numbers from June... I'll keep my eye out for updated stats. But, whazzup-- that's a really big number. (as an aside, those are some thrilled ad buyers.)

2. According to Wikipedia, "On January 30, 2004, [Alex] Trebek escaped injury after falling asleep behind the wheel of his pickup truck. He bumped into a string of mailboxes and ended up in a ditch. At that time, Trebek was driving by himself on a rural road."

Did you all know about this?
I mean, wow... Al always looks so alert and spry and stuff. This just goes to show ya: one never knows what lies behind the salt&pepper mystique of our nation's heroes. Staggering, just staggering.

3. Barbaro is one tough horsie. I see an E True Hollywood Story on the horizon.

**Thanks to Nakashi for the nice pic of Barbaro's supporters. This banner is a lovely thought and very well-meaning and don't-take-this-the-wrong-way-please, but Barb can't read, right? Maybe mail a carrot arrangement or something? I'm not making light; I'm not.


Blogger J.D. said...

Any girl who can throw out a Rudy Seanez joke is a friend of mine.

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