45 Pineapples for Clarity's Sake

To follow up on yesterday, the bug is gone but his trail has stayed.

On the deo deal.. a big thank you to Elizabeth for clearing this up. And I quote:

"the deodorant thing... they're full of yucky toxins (mainly aluminums) and if your kidneys don't work properly and can't remove these toxins, they're even more of a problem, as the 'trace' amounts build up in your body and become significant... Whole Foods sells a safe one without aluminums, which are bad for bones and (very) likely carcinogens."

Thanks EK!

On an unrelated note, Jessica Simpson has offered fans the option of buying a personalized V of her new single, meaning your name would be poppered into the lyrics.
FYI- the song blows even without dumbifying it further with your name.

But, I did find the fact that Jess has been romantically linkered to comedian Dane Cook to be veeeeery interesting. He's from Arlington, btw. Wait, right? I'll check.

On the other hand, songs that don't suck ass: Christina's new one.
Bravo, girl.


Blogger Stacey said...

I checked on his website: http://www.danecook.com/. He was born in Cambridge and grew up in Arlington!

No luck yet with the spider. Or maybe I'm too queasy to really look into this in depth. ;)

1:31 PM  
Blogger J.D. said...

The hell? Dane Cook with Jessica Simpson??? I had a lot of respect for him :(

9:39 AM  

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