1,896 Pineapples for Wiffiti's New Blog

If you're getting sick of my fluff (how dare you), or just want something more fun to play with, clicky-clicky over to txt out loud, the new Wiffiti blog.

The new viewer tab is fab.
And you can txt your comments to the screen in our office, which, in case you weren't sure, is wicked cool.

Okay, enough flagrant self-promotion. just go; i'll give you a dollar and a plastic kitten if you don't like it.

And I'm very open to suggestions, too... so txt 'em or leave 'em here.

...and btw, yes, leaving the "e" out of "text" is totally web 2.0.


Anonymous dan k. said...

There's nothing in the world like a pineapple. Their leaf structure, weight distribution, and the prickly exterior to ward off the wild canines who prey on them.

3:33 PM  

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