100 Pineapples for Donkeys, Panic, Netflix, and Advergirl

I admit to being a tinge of a Negative Nancy lately, and for absolutely no good reason. Well, other than the fact that in the past week, I lost my keys in the supermarket (finally found them after 45 minutes of panic and whining, buried in the tomato bin), got locked in the bathroom at the Hess station (this time, a mere 15 minutes of panic and whining brought resolution), and spilled my entire salad for dinner tonight in the backseat of my car (okay, so I'm still head-whining about that right now).

But really, other than that, things are going very well and I need to stop being such a pussy.

So, here... here are things I currently think are awesome:

1. coarse sea salt in a disposable shaker. it's the official salt of summer.

ok, wait, pause: I am watching season 3 of Sex & the City right now, and carrie just stopped at a pay phone and made a call. Who does that?
This leads me to...

2. Netflix. Just joined. I love it. Anyone want to be my Netflix friend?

3. Advergirl. She's been shooting up the ad blog charts, and she's fantastic. Check her out.

4. white outfits. I like that white is back in such a huge way. It makes me feel all clean and frothy and stuff. Well, until I spill. But this leads me to... Gonzo. It gets freaking anything out of freaking anything.

5. Restaurants with magazines. I went to Yoshi's for sushi the other day for lunch and they had NEW magazines out for people like me who like to eat lunch alone but sometimes get bored if i forget to bring a book. This month's Vogue and Bazaar. So sweet. And they roll their inside-out maki in sesame seeds, which always makes me 23% happier.

6. Okay, this doesn't really make me happy or whatever, but I think I may have a tapeworm. I have been so unreasonably hungry for the past week that it's nutty. I am waiting patiently for it to pass. Meanwhile, I pass dead squirrels on the street and salivate. No, I don't; that's gross.

7. I am going to Sibling Rivalry on my birthday and I know it will be so good that I will LILAS (love it like a sis).

One final thought: Do you think Pin the Tail on the Donkey would still be fun to play at this stage in life? Like, not alone, necessarily, but maybe with people?

**and speaking of dizz-on-kays, thank you beafab4 for your primo donkalicious arsenal.


Blogger kate.d. said...

i like the fowl on sibling rivalry's website. also, that is a very strange name for a restaurant.

i will be your netflix friend for sho. can i find you on there via your gmail address (our acct is under jasons email)?

1:09 PM  

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