1 Mulligan for Next to Nothin'

I realized that I haven't doled out a mulligan in far, far too long, so I'm going to give myself one. There. Painless.
And while I'm here, in edit-post land, I will take a couple mins to unload some things that have been occupying some precious brain space for at least a moderate while.

1. Can someone come out with different colors of parsley? I'm just so sick of the green. I mean, really, yawn.

2. Should I buy a basketball pump for my mini basketball? I have one at home-home somewhere, but shit if I know where it is. And I need it if my stupid techno neighbor acts like a trashface again.

3. If I were trapped on a desert island, would I crave cantaloupe?

4. Do I even like vodka?

5. If someone just gave me a live bunny (small, young, soft, long-eared) right now and my landlord said it was okay to keep, would I keep it or give it to the MSPCA?
I'm pretty sure I'd keep it, though I would worry about the smell.

6. If I could only eat one grain for the rest of my life, I would probably choose rice. Even though I don't ever think to myself that I even like rice. And I never crave rice. But I would most definitely pick rice and it would be probably be the right choice for me.

7. I hate people who don't pay attention while riding their bikes. And birds. I hate birds. Especially domestic birds and birds that do tricks and stuff. They just always seem so... I dunno... boastful.

8. I have always thought that when I finally get a dog I want to name her Lila. But I have had this creepy haunting thought lately that I should secretly name him/her a rare strain of bacteria but then give her a cute public nickname.
Actually, um, forget I said that. It reads back way weirder than it looked in my head.
Lila works.
But, heya, so would menogiccoccal thispius.

9. I kinda wish I majored in math.


Blogger kate.d. said...

of course you like vodka. don't be ridiculous.

and we have live little bunnies in our courtyard...this spring, a number of really little live bunnies appeared too. imagine that. but the little ones are SO cute i can hardly stand it, and i make squealing noises, and jason pretends he doesn't know me.

and birds? um, remember key? (was that short for kiwi, or something? i forget now). then again, maybe key was the beginning of your downward drift towards hating birds.

10:51 AM  
Blogger jayniek said...

There was Key, and there was Suzi. And both of them sucked.

But, bunnies though... bunnies are good. The small fluffy ones sound awesome.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous hetherjw said...

I join you in hating birds. for me it was loki. loki still makes me sad.

7:52 PM  

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