94 Pineapples for the GenPets Code

For the past week or so, I have been haunted by these eeky freaky little creatures. They have snuck into bed with me and curled themselves into the back-part of my skull and have otherwise made my skin crawl. Why? Because they are gross.

But, in other news, the marketing team is a troop of fricking geniuses. After doing a little researchario, I learned that Genpets are the creation of a Canadian mixed-media sculptor named Adam Brandejs. These Puppies of the Corn were originally part of a larger show, held last summer, called Pulse (thanks We Make Money Not Art).

But then they reemerged on the ad blog circuit in a big way last week.
The lull makes me desperately curious.

The buzz around the blogosphere is that this is a big hoax, but these artistic roots make me think Adam Brandejs is one smart self-marketer.
His site reads:
!! Saw or heard about Genpets through TV/Print/Radio? Please contact me (they don’t…) and as a 24 yr old artist, knowing about this press is REALLY important for my CV. Thanks.

I don't quite believe him. His site is the third hit on Google when you search for "genpets," so he's far from flying under the "zygote micro injection" radar. Did Bio-Genica really just steal his idea and start mass-producing, or this is one brilliant publicity stunt by the artist himself? Or was this a fair idea buy-out and Adam is just pissed that the corp is now incommunicado? [Adam, please tell us you got a patent??]

In any case, it's very well done.
But the Media Kit is almost too well done... unless that kid hugging the genpet is just naturally wicked freaking creepy.

*Photos courtesy of Bio.Genica-- I thank you, even though you confuse the shit outta me.

UPDATE: Because I can't leave anything well enough alone, check out my 6.25 post on BMA for resolution to this icky madness... ahhhh.


Blogger J.D. said...

Well my mind wants to say hoax, but I guess you never know.

What I'm curious about is what those jokers are supposed to grow into? And...LOL...I wonder, with all the high tech gadgetry to sustain life, why they would choose to protect a zygotic life form with a rather flimsy blister pack?

Gotta be some sort of hoax or political statement...

9:15 AM  
Anonymous David Vinjamuri said...

I talked to him and it's really a web programmer who is a broke experimental artist by passion. I think he's going to get enough attention from this to move up into the next league

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Adam said...

Hi Jayniek, Bio-genica is my creation, a fake company I control to fly my banner of genpets. sorry it cuased confusion. just remember, all of what you see = adam, no matter how well staged.
I emant 'they' as in the reporters don't tell me of articles alot of the time.

the lul surprissed me too, but I know why it happened, and that's my little viral marketting secret that I shan't be letting out. not for free anyways ;)

and I wouldn't say broke david, I'm doing ok...

5:15 PM  
Blogger jayniek said...

hey adam,

thanks for commenting...

"little viral marketing secret," eh?
Let's talk.

9:35 PM  

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