67 Pineapples for the BPD

Thanks to Max for tipping me off to the Boston Police Blog, a virtual treasure trove of things-to-keep-you-up-at-night.

The Weekly Dig dug this up in today's issue, so I'm expecting a buzz peak right about... now.

Many of the posts are very very very disturbing. And many posts, as Max informed me, have been commented on by fellow gang members of the person in question, which adds a nice new layer to the blogosphere.

And then other posts are unreasonably mockable despite the fact that a terrible and sickening crime is involved.
I give you:

Robbery Suspect Found Hiding Behind Tree

Officers from District 2 responded to an armed robbery call at about 8:13pm last night... Responding officers observed a suspect matching the description given by officers hiding behind a tree... After a brief foot chase, the suspect was caught and positively identified by the victim.

Really? A tree? That is not a very good hiding spot. Come on now.

[Okay, yes, it scares me that I am this desensitized. I will listen to Jack Johnson's Lullaby and throw marbles at my own face.
Okay, no, but really, I am reading horrible crimes as jokes. Who am I? Fox News?]


Blogger J.D. said...

Jeez, a police blog? As if I didn't have enough to kill my productivity. This is great...

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