46 Crabapples for Flitty Fuses

Because you're surely all dying to find out what happened with my air conditioner, I will tell you.

I enlisted helpers and I got it installed at lunchtime (this is the beauty of living 7 minutes from work). And then I scurried home tonight to turn it on. And promptly blew a fuse. Boo. So I threw my purse. Because that would solve it.

And then I went on a hunt for my fuse box. I found it. Up high(er than I could reach) in the kitchen. [please note that i have just moved in and do not own any chairs except a rocking chair, which is hard to stand on because of its eerie "rocking motion."] So I stacked Tupperware and got a closer look. It was painted shut. With, like, gobbyballs of paint. So I got a screwdriver and tried to pry it open. Oh my god this story is lame.

Okay... let's wrap this up-- the maintenance man just left (whose name was Nomar, but not the Nomar...who is quite busy reestablishing himself as someone who can hit the ball very well), and he brought me a new fuse, and it is fixed. Although for the last ten minutes my lights have been flickering and fading and being otherwise unreliable.

This is not good. Now, it's been decided that pilot lights cannot be made electric... but is there a way to strengthen the fuse-ation of my apartment? No, really... is there?


Blogger J.D. said...

Sounds like crappy wiring

11:47 PM  
Anonymous hetherjw said...

needing parts when your lights go out is sad. fuses=boo.

3:04 AM  

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