6 Crabapples for 6 Tomatoes

Tonight is a night of unparalleled mourning.

I missed ANTM because I was still at work. I am cranky about it in an unhealthy way right now. And I just ate 6 plum tomatoes with salt because that's all that was in my fridge. Plum tomatoes are good and whatever, but right now... fuck them.
No, seriously. Fuck them.

Really, the one thing holding me together right now is that I learned today (via AdFreak) that Play-Doh is coming out with a perfume. Holy daggone mother of pearlescent purity--- Thank God. I've been rubbing it on straight from the can for years now, and frankly, it's getting a bit messy. You know, after you open it a few times it starts to crust over a little...and bam...the allure is gone. well, not gone...it could never be gone...but..um...diminished.

OHMYGOD! I would give my left eye to play with the Play-Doh Pasta Factory right now. I would make spaghetti and cavatappi and meatballs. Green meatballs! And hamsteaks! (sold separately)

Also, let's hear some comments on this here couch. If you hate it, I need reasons; If you love it, I do not.
This should be my new relationship mantra.

I should not post when I am sad about shitty TV and produce.
It makes me less of a person.


Blogger Stacey said...

I love the couch.

And think - in less than a month, you'll be so close to work that you might not have to miss ANTM.

10:04 AM  
Blogger kate.d. said...

i like everything about the couch except the studding. i frigging hate those studs on leather furniture. why? because they are ugly? don't bedazzle your sofa!

that is all.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Katers said...

can i come and play with play-doh with you?
i told jenn about it and she's going to call jane lauder
and see if there can be a play-doh, estee lauder merger.

10:48 AM  

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