40 Pineapples at the First Commercial Break

Two quick wardrobe comments:

1. Katharine McPhee has on black pants that make her ass look unbelievable. I'm talking fantastic. What's that site where you can get Hollywood knock-offs for not a bagillion dollars? Shopbop.com? Is that right? Because I think I would even pay a bagillion.
And, yes siree bobby, "the bagill" is a newly added button on your local ATM.

2. Taylor's purple velvet jacket is gross and scary. Way, waaaay too metrosexual Catholic priest on Easter.



Blogger J.D. said...

Cool, now I've found you. BMA is becoming less and less significant for me nowadays :)

Kat's butt did look fantastic in those jeans, even though I ripped her a new one in my blog today. She's sexy, but I can't imagine hitting it without her mother being there to critique the hip thrusts and her father crying for joy nearby.

Taylor's the one. Always has been.

6:07 AM  

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