18 Crabapples for Menino's Model Massacre

Dear Mr. Menino,

I promise to never hit my girlfriends, my mom, or young girls. In return, please let me buy cute shirts. And---OMG!---guess what?! The advertisers were using images of girls pushing, shoving, and then making out because people think that's sexy. Except these researchers, whose parents obviously dropped them directly on their foreheads as infants.

Kindest regards,

Girl who likes the way FCUK shirts fit her body, and is willing to put up with stiffly photographed ads of tall chicks acting mean, aggressive, and purposefully plasticky... in order for them to continue manfacturing said shirts.

[thanks AdRants]


Anonymous Jill said...

I love it. Totally plays into everyone's two favorite fantasies: catfights and lesbian-like action. I'm personally offended, although only enough to roll my eyeballs. But I wonder what offends Mr. Menino so much. Is it really the whole violence and women thing? Because it's not really. Is it that the women are the (pseudo) agents in these scenarios (not really empowered but only acting out hetero-patriarchal fantasies)? Both subject and object at the same time. Posing in the ad to be looked at, but will deck you one if you're on the wrong side of the fashion v. comfort debate, wearing uncomfortable shoes.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous e said...

The ads are tacky...and one has to wonder whether they were purposefully made to be offensive in order to get more attention...well, good for them, they sacrificed taste and got the attention of the mayor.

10:37 AM  

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