A Single Half-Assed Pineapple for DD

Now...uhh... not like I drink too much coffee or anything, but the ad giants are peeing their chrome and leather swivel chairs today over Dunkin's new campaign... and who am I not to buy in like a newborn lamb?

Go ahead... check out the "look, i'm retro!"/"look, I'm new!" Old Navy site.
Um, right, Dunkin Donuts. Whatever.

My favorite part? The hand gesture for "the usual."

I can show them more hand gestures if they want.
I have other favorites, too.

You should see the one I do for "this coffee has obviously been sitting in the carafe for 7 hours and tastes like chicken feed n' bullshit."

Now you must excuse me while I finish watching Joanie get new teeth on ANTM. As I puke fiercely into my hand.

**photo cred to restaurantfirsts.com**


Anonymous Katers said...

Ummm...who, much less all of America, needed to witness the bloody tooth extraction of the poor pretty girl?

ME! For one, although nothing could have dragged me away. And so I continue to embody the paradox of ANTM. I HATELOVE it so much I just can't stop. LOHATEVE? HALO? HATLOV?
Anyway... you know.

12:51 PM  

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