A Proffered Mulligan for Matt from Ohio

After screaming like a wounded puma my entire commute home, listening to ridiculous fans calling into The Big Show complaining about Manny's "slump at the plate" (seriously, you've seen Manny before, right? Then please, take a tranq and hold your horses. He does this. It's fine. Now sit down. And put down the phone. You're wasting crucial bandwidth.)...
I was more than ready to come home and relax.

I did.
Soon after, I found myself watching this. (Please don't ask me to narrate how I got from my simple glass of wine to this particular video blog... frankly, it's embarrassing.)

My favorite part of this touching soliliquy is the fact that Matt's voice and intonation hurt my ears so very much that I nearly came to enjoy it....
Perhaps I have just unearthed an inchoate form of linguistic S&M within the angsty teenage videoblog sector.

Or the Holden Caulfield of Web 2.0.


Blogger Mack Collier said...

This is how every great online-dating disaster starts....

7:32 AM  

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